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God. Family. Liberty.


The 11th CDRC is charged with defending and promoting Godly and Constitutional values that accurately represent the citizens in our district.


We want everyone to be heard, and we can only do that when YOU get involved. Join us and make a difference today.

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We want you to be informed about local events and issues affecting your community, not just Washington D.C. From monthly meetings to local events, there's always something happening. Stay updated on the goings-on in the 11th CDRC through news updates and alerts.


Volunteering can get you plugged into issues that are vitally important to your life. Help promote Election Integrity, stop Critical Race Theory from taking hold in our schools, and hold politicians accountable. Outreach events are also available to keep you connected with your neighbors and friends.

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No one knows your neighborhood like you do — the streets you drive, the schools your children attend, and the businesses that you frequent. Your concerns are shared by your community, not some bureaucrat in Lansing. We want to help you be connected with like-minded patriots who are united in a vision for a robust and prosperous society.


The 11th Congressional District Republican Committee can offer you tools and opportunities to pull our nation back from the brink of tyranny — but people can't accomplish that task alone. We need an activist base of patriots who want godly and constitutional principles guiding our nation and local areas. Get connected and help restore this country.

Your Vote is Precious

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Checks and balances exist to ensure the validity of any functioning system. Our votes must be protected and valued like gold.

Our voting system should be secure, simple, and verifiable. Election workers must be properly trained and poll challengers should be safe from reprisal. All voters should be adequately informed about candidates prior to Election Day.

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Election Day

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Citizens have a voice only when their vote is legally and accurately counted. You deserve to know that your vote mattered and that it was not watered down or nullified by any means.


The government is lawfully bound to listen to and act upon the wishes of the People. You have the right to call for — and receive — a full forensic audit at any time in accordance with the Michigan Constitution.

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Dollar Bills


Your vote is not for sale.


We must protect our precious commodity. When votes are accurately counted, the Silent Majority can make our voices heard in the State of Michigan.


When votes are altered or cast away, we lose our rights and constitutional liberties. Without safeguards, freedom is in danger.

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Keep in Touch

Stay informed about social events and important news within the 11th District.

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