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11th CDRC Candidate Endorsements for November 2022 Election

The Board of Directors for the 11th Congressional District Republican Committee voted to endorse numerous local candidates for the upcoming 2022 election in November.

The following candidates have received that endorsement along with a campaign contribution.

We ask that you please support these brave individuals are willing to fight for our children by restoring education and rejecting indoctrination. We also ask that you get involved in your local campaigns. The republican party is not heavily funded like the democrat party is, therefore, we need to get out and knock on doors and campaign at the precinct level! This election will be won by knocking on doors and talking to your neighbors.

We can win this election, precinct by precinct!

Please check out the candidates listed below.

Visit their websites and social media pages and SHARE!

Put a sign in your yard and if so inclined, DONATE!

The following candidates received a $500 campaign contribution:

Bloomfield Hills:

Lauren Wilson

Lauren Wilson for School Board - Website

Lauren Wilson for Bloomfield Hills School Board - Facebook Page

Lauren is committed to raising the bar on academic proficiency, transparency in our schools, and being accountable to our taxpayers with responsible spending and balanced budgets.


Amanda Love

Elect Amanda Love - Website

Amanda Love for Clarkston School Board - Facebook Page

Amanda is committed to: Keep Our Schools Open; Ensure Parental Voice in Public Schools; End Critical Race Theory (CRT) and various forms of indoctrination; End Oppressive Regulation on our kids - ensure masks and vaccines are OPTIONAL in public schools

Christy Giampetroni

Elect Christy G - Website

Christy Giampetroni for Clarkston School Board - Facebook Page

Christy is committed to: Parental Rights; Academic Excellence; Transparency; Equality; Local Influence

Farmington Public Schools

Björn Olson

Björn for Farmington Public Schools - Website

Björn Olson for Farmington Public School Board - Facebook Page

Björn is committed to Academic excellence without politics.

Huron Valley

Amy Grzymkowski

Amy Grzymkowski for Huron Valley Board of Education - Facebook Page

As a BOE appointed Trustee (Jan, 22), she is running for re-election. Amy is excited to continue building bridges between parents, teachers, the community and the administration.

Jacob Dimick

Jacob Dimick - Website

Jacob Dimick for Huron Valley Schools Board of Education - Facebook Page

At the end of the day, it’s about the kids, and when our district loses sight of that, as it has, we need to elect fresh leadership who understands this principle and is willing to consistently put the needs of HVS students first.

Northville Public Schools

Andrew Augustine

Andrew Augustine for Northville Schools - Facebook Page

As a school board member, I will work to shift the voice back where it belongs…to you.

Novi Public Schools

Chris Hollman

Chris Hollman - Website

Chris Hollman for Novi School Board 2022 - Facebook Page

Chris is committed that with your vote, I will ensure that students in Novi have world class opportunities, parental rights are maintained in the classroom, and our teachers and administration embrace a culture of transparency.

Latasha Keller

Latasha Keller for Novi School Board - Facebook Page

Latash commits that as your school board trustee, I will ensure that every student in Novi is afforded the opportunity to receive a robust education that prepares them for whatever career path they choose.

Plymouth-Canton Public Schools

Sheryl Picard

Sheryl Picard for P-CCS School Board - Facebook Page

Sheryl is committed to promote: Transparency, Safety, Academics and Teachers/Staff.

Rochester Public Schools

Dennis Talluto

Dennis for Rochester School Board - Website

Dennis Talluto for Rochester School Board - Facebook Page

Dennis is committed to Restore Board Integrity; Restore Public Trust; Restore Parental Rights & Responsibilities; Return to Classic Curriculum; Restore collaboration between parents, BOE, Administration, and Educators

Carol Beth Litkouhi

Carol Beth For Our Kids - Website

Carol Beth Litkouhi for Rochester School Board - Facebook Page

Carol Beth is committed to Restore Focus on Academic Excellence; Transparency; Communication; Accountability

Troy Public Schools

Jeff Schaeper

Jeff Schaeper for Troy School Board - Facebook Page

My focus is on Parental Oversight & Sound Scholarship. I want to return Troy schools to excellence; to do this parental involvement is key.

Walled Lake Public Schools

Christy Tice

Christy Tice for Walled Lake School Board - Website

Christy Tice 4 Walled Lake School Board - Facebook Page

Christy wants to make positive changes in our schools by raising the bar.  She believes that students, teachers, and administration need to be held accountable, and it is time to start inspecting what we expect.

Julie Fernandez

Julie for Walled Lake Schools - Website

Julie Fernandez for Walled Lake School Board - Facebook Page

Julie is committed to Close Learning Gaps; Engage Parents; Be Transparent and Responsive; Fund & Spend Wisely

Shayna Levin

Shayna For Walled Lake School Community School District - Website

Shayna Levin for Walled Lake Schools Board of Education - Facebook

Shayna is committed to Trust, Transparency, and Accountability; Through open communication and collaborative feedback, I will work to bring trust, transparency, and accountability back to the leadership roles within Walled Lake Schools.

West Bloomfield School District

Chris Tucker

Vote Chris Tucker - Website

Chris is committed to Following in line with the West Bloomfield School board I also believe “all children can and will learn” and the “district is educating students to be their best in and for the world.”

These candidates received a $250 campaign contribution:

Huron Valley

Michelle Ryan

Michelle Ryan for Huron Valley Schools Board of Education - Facebook Page

I want to bring the focus back to academic excellence, improve communication between parents and the district and focus on the safety of our kids.

West Bloomfield School District

Jeremiah Williams

Jeremiah Williams - Facebook Page

These endorsed candidates for State Representative, all of whom have previously served on the 11th CDRC board. Each received a $1,000 campaign contribution.

State Representative District 5

Paul Taros

Time For Taros - Website

Paul Taros for State Representative - Facebook Page

I am someone who is sick and tired of elected officials not following the Constitution.

State Representative District 20

Al Mansour

Albert Mansour - Website

Albert Mansour for State Representative - Facebook Page

As an active member of the Metro Detroit community and conscientious citizen, Albert Mansour’s focus falls on key issues that friends, family and peers have shared concerns with him over the years. He’s committed to fighting for the values and priorities we share, all in the interest of making Michigan a better place for all of us to live!

State Representative District 21

Dave Staudt

Elect Dave Staudt - Website

Dave Staudt for State Representative – 21st District - Facebook Page

Dave worked behind the scenes for many years volunteering and providing support, stewardship and leadership to protect the interests of Novi, Oakland County and Southeastern Michigan.



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