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11th CDRC State and District Committee Candidates

Notes: All candidates who indicated they wanted to run for various positions were notified to send in a bio days in advance of convention. Candidates who are running for State Committee positions are also eligible for District Committee positions if they are not elected to State Committee unless those individuals indicate they do not wish to serve on District Committee.

11th CDRC Chair Candidate Introductions


William Rauwerdink

Candidate for 11th CDRC Chair

My name is Bill Rauwerdink (West Bloomfield) and, as announced earlier, I am seeking election to serve you as 11th District Chair and ask for your vote.

To date, I have received endorsements from Michigan Trump Republicans, Matt Seely (Candidate for US Congress in 2022), and Marian Sheridan, founder of the Lakes Area Tea Party. More endorsements are expected over the next few days. These endorsements are symbols of the work done with our Republican team over the years.

Leadership in the 11th District (and in Oakland County) will be critical in the run up to the 2024 presidential election. My track record and experience make me the best candidate to serve as the 11th District Chair.

Here are some examples of what I have been involved with over the past 10+ years as a grassroots, county, and state conservative leader:

  • Co-founder of Michigan Conservative Coalition

  • Elected as Chair of the 14th Congressional District, 2021 to present (that District was eliminated due to the redistricting

  • As 14th Chair, our team raised about $18,000 through several volunteer fundraisers and that amount was donated to candidates for local, state and federal positions

  • Appointed as Temporary Chair of the New 11th Congressional District, 2022 to present

  • Elected to the 2020 RNC National Convention as a Trump Delegate

  • Attended the 2016 RNC Convention when Trump was first nominated

  • Elected as a Presidential Elector and, as a result, served as a member of the 2016 Electoral College

  • Helped open and run the daily operations of the largest Trump office in Michigan (2016 and 2020)

  • Organized hundreds of volunteers to serve at the various rallies for then-presidential candidate Donald Trump

  • Elected as a precinct delegate for multiple terms in West Bloomfield

  • Served as a campaign advisor for several Michigan House and U.S. House candidates

  • Elected to several terms on the Oakland County Executive Committee

  • Elected to serve from 2010 to 2023 on the MRP State Committee and various sub committees

  • Elected to serve from 2010 to 2022 in various leadership roles for the 14th Congressional District Executive Committee.

I am well known to the Precinct Delegates in the 11th Congressional District and ask for your support to serve as your next Chair. Please vote for me this Friday in Lansing!


Rob Noble

Candidate for 11th CDRC Chair

My name is Rob Noble.

I am a former state house candidate for District 8 in SE Oakland County.

I currently own a small business in boat EVA flooring.

I have been managing multi-million dollar businesses for over 25 years.

I am a father and grandfather and a great grandfather to a micro preemie little girl. Kennedi is a fighter and is now 3 mos. old and up to 4 lbs from 1 2 lbs. We chose life and that was the right decision for us. I am 100% pro life.

I am married to a wonderful woman who has been teaching kids in the Berkley School system for over 30 years.

I am a U.S. Navy Veteran and I was a door gunner on H-1 helicopters. I am a former Cook County Illinois Deputy Sheriff. I have a degree as a paralegal and I am focused on the rule of law.

I am a constitutional conservative and I believe that the Constitution is the foundation of our nation. I took an oath twice to protect the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.... those oaths do not come with an expiration date.

I am a believer in an America First policy. Our nation, our people should come in front all others.

I believe that everyone has a past and they have a value. But where we place that past

is critical to not give the democrats an easy target.

I am a fighter for the values we all desire. I am a fighter for our causes and we have to fight for wins.

We have seen the record of the past failures and we can expect more of the same unless a change is made.

We must have change or face the past again in 2024.

11th CDRC Vice Chair Candidates


Debra Oestreich

Candidate for 11th CDRC Vice Chair

I ask for your vote on Friday at State Convention as Vice Chair.

For the last four years, I have served as Treasurer for the 14th Congressional District under Chairs Maya Rodriguez and Bill Rauwerdink.

As Treasurer, I am the officer entrusted with custody of the congressional district funds. I reorganized and developed processes following Robert’s Rules of Order to adhere to strict reporting guidelines for MI campaign finance and our constituency, and annual audits were conducted.

I also serve on OCRP Budget and Finance Committee.

As an active results-driven conservative fighting and preserving liberty and freedom and upholding the core GOP principles, I will serve our Congressional District being an impetus for change in the future of our District and our state.

Alexis de Tocqueville, in his masterpiece Democracy in America penned in the 1830s, predicted what tyranny could look like in the American future. Tocqueville predicted, with stunning accuracy, many of the very same things our Founders predicted would happen in our society as we abandoned our founding principles. These included;

  • the decline in education and knowledge

  • loss of morality and cultural narcissism

  • the Constitution intentionally misinterpreted (once this gained ground government would grow faster and faster)

  • political parties would encourage and stoke latent divisions in society to maintain and increase power

  • government would become more corporatized, and debt would rise.

I bring this to light because we, together, have an opportunity before us to advance as patriots and a Congressional District that believes in the Constitution, freedom, liberty, and limited government.

Through my many years of involvement in local, county, and state campaigns, events, and fundraisers, continually gaining knowledge from FACL (Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership) to grassroots organizations, diligent research of candidates, issues, bills, resolutions, and votes, along with my background, drive, and determination, all will help advance the goals of our District.

Please reach out to discuss my background further and answer your questions or concerns.

Debra Oestreich

Precinct Delegate, CD 11, Farmington Hills Pct. 14

14th Congressional District Treasurer

OCRP – Budget and Finance Committee Member (248) 313-8833


Paul Taros

Candidate for 11th CDRC Vice Chair

My name is Paul Taros, I am a Constitutional Conservative. I have attended many tea

parties, including the one held in Washington, D.C. on September 12, 2009. As a

Certified Public Accountant and owner of my own firm, I would close my office on Tax

Day and attend various tea parties. One year I attended three in one day starting at 8 mile

and Haggerty then going to the tea party in Plymouth and finishing the day in Ann Arbor.

In addition, I attended several lockdown protests, including the massive Lansing protest

and the one in front of the Governor’s Mansion.

In the November 2010 elections, I spent 24 hours straight as a poll watcher in Pontiac at

their absentee ballot processing center. While I was there, I noted several irregularities

and reported them to the MIGOP.

I have served on the Board of Directors for Crossroads for Youth, a non-profit that helps

at risk youth obtain life skills, which enables them to become productive members of


When Senator Debbie Stabenow met with a group of 20 members of the Birmingham

Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce, I told her if she wanted to see what the future holds

for the United States of America if it continues its current fiscal path, she just needs to

look to Greece, when they were in bankruptcy.

I served four years as treasurer of St. George Greek Orthodox Church. As treasurer, I

discovered the church secretary had embezzled over $10,000.

I served six years on the Parish Council at St. George Greek Orthodox Church.

I humbly ask for your vote.

Thank you,

Paul Taros MBA CPA

11th CDRC Secretary Candidate


Robert Brines

Candidate for 11th CDRC Secretary

  • Retired Structural Analysis and Noise and Vibration Engineer

  • Secretary for the 11th CDRC (4years)

  • Worked on the 11th CDRC Bylaws and Resolution committee (4 years)

  • Attended 8-hour class on Roberts Rules

  • Helped with multiple fundraisers

  • 2 years on the OCRP Executive Committee

  • Worked with to develop and promote hand count process

  • Participated in ballot Headcount at Nominating Convention

  • Worked on the team to verify voter fraud (computer research)

  • Hosted small groups in our home to activate delegates and recruit delegates

  • Attended all the Conventions

  • City Sub-caucus secretary at many County Conventions

  • Attend two courses on being an Activist, with Americans for Prosperity

  • Door knocking every election

  • Phone bank calling every election

  • Literature stuffing and literature drops

  • Worked registration at some conventions

  • Attended most Tea Party meetings

  • Attended some NORC meetings

  • Attended some candidate rallies and worked some

  • Attended Pro-life Rallies in Lnaisng

  • Prayed at Abortion facilities

  • AttendedWe the County Meetings

  • I am also active in my Church, as a Lector, Usher and Minister of the Eucharist

  • I am also active in the Knights of Columbus, a Past Grand Knight, a former District Deputy and currently am a Navigator for the 4th Degree Knights

11th CDRC State Committee Candidates


Sam Harris

Candidate for 11th CDRC State Committee

Introducing myself for those that do not know me.

Sam Harris Precinct Delegate 11th district from Waterford Michigan.

I have been involved on the county level over the last two years with Shane Trejo and Amber Harris among many others promoting the MIGOP Mighty 11th and OCRP at many events including outreach and fundraising.

I first became a delegate in 2020 through an invitation to Battle Cry 2020, Marian Sheridan and her sister got me involved and I have not looked back!

This is my second term as a delegate starting in 2022 being elected again in my neighborhood.

I have learned a lot in the last two years and continue to learn more daily!

Presently I am:

  • An active new member of the OCRP Executive Committee Outreach

  • OCRP 500 Club Member

  • GNP Founding Father

  • Hope to be on MIGOP 11th County Committee

  • And I am asking for your vote Friday to become a new member to represent Oakland County as one of the three men you will elect to represent our needs.

Why elect Sam Harris to Represent you?

  • I am an entrepreneur; I have founded several businesses that have run successfully for many years. I am an employer that cares about his company, God, family, and employees.

  • I currently run Commercial Glass LLC with 15 employees and have been a Glazing Contractor business owner for 36 years.

  • I am a Real Estate Managing Broker/Owner of Easy Real Estate Services along with my wife, we have been brokers for 22 years.

  • I know how to advise, advocate and negotiate on things that I want to achieve and that I believe in.

  • I’m familiar with Contracts and many aspects of construction law, state construction issues, and real estate law, real estate practice.

  • Experience and trained on conflict resolution, experience in regards to dealing with many people in many different circumstances on very important issues/projects.

  • I know how to manage business and organize.

  • I love the constitution and my priorities will be the best interests of the people of Oakland County, the State of Michigan, and the Country. Every decision I make, and interest I advocate for, will be in the best interest of Oakland County.

  • America First is my policy that I know and can support.

  • The issues of government over spending and government overreach will continually be an issue of importance for me.

  • I want to be involved in the decisions regarding the MIGOP to make us all better in every aspect regarding, organizing, communicating, fundraising, getting real republican conservative, grass roots individuals elected to office. Once they are in office we want to hold them accountable in many ways.

  • I want to be involved and be a communication conduit bringing the interests of our oakland county residents to the state party meetings, and having our concerns and interests heard and addressed!

  • I will bring positive change.

  • I will only support elected officials that adhere to the constitution!

You can call or email me with any questions. I will be at convention Friday and Saturday for discussions.

Sam Harris

11th Congressional District MIGOP Outreach Committee Member

4391 Forest Ave.

Waterford, MI 48328

Cell 248-819-9939

Voter Guide and Republican Website Past, Present and Future



Don Perry

Candidate for 11th CDRC State Committee

Running for 11th and state executive committee.


3 terms on the 14th Executive Committee

1 term OCRP Executive Committee

2 terms co-chair 14th Congressional District

2 terms State Executive Committee

Ran for West Bloomfield Trustee & Supervisor


Dennis Marburger

Candidate for 11th CDRC State Committee

I am a lifelong Michigan resident, currently living in Bloomfield Township with my wife, Sheryl. Bloomfield Township Precinct Delegate in the 11th Congressional

District, I was previously a 9th Congressional District Republican Committee member and State Committee member for the Michigan Republican Party during 2013-2021, as well as the previous President / MC of the Birmingham Bloomfield Republican Club and member of the Oakland County Republican Party Executive Committee. While serving in these roles, I also participated in gathering signatures for nominating petitions, phone calling, door to door campaigning, social media and radio show call-ins to support republican candidates and causes.

I have been active in various roles with pro-Liberty groups, including as County Coordinator at Michigan Campaign for Liberty, State Team Leader for People Against the NDAA, active volunteer with the Tenth Amendment Center, Board Member for Republican Liberty Caucus of Michigan and volunteer at Come Home America. In 2008 and 2012, I was a volunteer for Ron Paul for President campaign, serving as a National Convention Delegate at the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa. In 2016 I was a Trump Delegate to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Active in my church as a leader and participant, I realize that faith and the Golden Rule are important.

My efforts have been focused on promoting and protecting the principles of the Declaration of Independence, political decentralization, and personal liberty. As one of our 11th CDRC State Committee members, I will diligently work to make our political activities consistent with protecting and restoring our God-given Liberty. The path forward has been shown to us in the Spirit of 1776 with the American Revolutionary Patriots and the Spirit of 1798 with the Nullification movement led by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. I will do everything I can to help get us on that path, the right path. Please vote for Dennis Marburger for 11th Congressional District Michigan Republican State Committee member.


Robert Oestreich

Candidate for 11th CDRC State Committee

Dear Delegate,

The MIGOP State Committee is being elected Friday night at State Convention.

I am running for this position within the 11CD and am asking for your vote.

I am an active results-driven conservative fighting and preserving liberty and freedom and upholding the core GOP principles.

I recently served on the Election Integrity Committee for MIGOP. Above and beyond what was expected, I independently hosted election experts, Senator Patrick Colbeck and Dr. Frank, in a statewide meeting for all MIGOP State Committee members covering election integrity, full forensic audit, along with issues that arose in previous elections.

This strategic meeting was made available to MIGOP, Congressional District Chairs, all State Committee members, and is available for you.

Helping build a grassroots force to secure future elections was my goal.

Going above and beyond in making connections and being an impetus for change in the future of our state is a driving force for me. I go above and beyond committee requirements to address issues and strategize results.

I vow that whichever committee I am chosen to serve on, I will bring my driving determination to represent our district shifting the way Michigan does business.

If you have not received my email listing accomplishments or have any questions, please reach out.

Robert Oestreich

Precinct Delegate, CD 11, Farmington Hills Pct. 14

14th Congressional District Republican State Committeeman

Oakland County Republican Party - Executive Committee Member

(248) 313-8876


Bill Lethemon

Candidate for 11th CDRC State Committee

Waterford Township Precinct #1

Running For State Committee 3rd Term

Staunch Constitutional Conservative

Voting Record---

  • Voted against the $50.00 Convention Fee - Last Minute & No Transparency

  • Voted in Favor of waiving the Fee for Financial Hardships (Defeated)

  • Voted in Favor of Convention Financial Transparency (Defeated)

  • Made the Motion at the August 14, 2021 State Committee meeting to Eliminate Tabulator Machines at the Endorsement Convention due to all the controversy with them in the 2020 election. Motion Defeated - but was later endorsed by Ron Weiser and we had a successful hand recount

  • Made the motion in the Election Integrity Sub-Committee August 14, 2021 meeting to have MIGOP look into supporting a Forensic Audit of the 2020 election - Motion Passed but died in next committee.

My Vision for MIGOP Improvements---

  1. Establish Legislative Action Committee - This committee will activate our state wide precinct delegate work force to Call/Text/Email representatives to let them know how “We the People” want them to vote on pending legislation.

  2. Create a LEGAL Ballot Harvesting Committee so we can beat the dems at their own game!

  3. Empower State Committee members to give input on selecting the best chairperson to run the various state committees.

  4. Improve our Outreach program to include church clergy to educate them on what they can say from the pulpit without losing their Tax Exemption.

  5. Develop a Moderate Financial Transparency format.


Myron Zolkewsky

Candidate for 11th CDRC State Committee

Currently serving on the 11th CD and MiGOP State Executive - POLICY Sub Committee member.

Wishing to continue the fight I am having inside the Party to provide open and transparent

vote counting when it comes to State Conventions. Was a proponent on changing the state nominating convention to April which allowed our candidates an even lay field against the Democrats.

Party Activist since 1982 during the Reagan Revolution, actively